2 Key Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Social Media Marketing Strategy

by Internet Marketing Institute

Even if your company currently uses social media marketing, you’ll find insight here that can revolutionize how you think about this form of new media marketing.

Maximize Success: Most companies jump into social media because they’ve “heard about this Twitter thing and knew it was time we got with the program.” But, there’s no thought to it.

Because it’s so easy to set up a social media account, many firms don’t see a return on this investment. Then, they give up or don’t invest as much as they should in it because they’re not seeing results.

But social media marketing – like any other form of marketing – takes planning. That’s why the title of this article is “2 Reasons Your Company Needs a Social Media Marketing Campaign.” Campaigns are thought out, planned, have set objectives, etc.

So the first reason your company needs a social media marketing campaign is to maximize the true potential of this medium.

Tap Customer Needs and Wants: Social media marketing is one of the easiest ways to find out what your customers really think about your company and its products/services – and what they want more of and less of.

One company that does this really well is Starbucks. Not only do they engage customers, they created a social media page that illustrates in real-time data the number of product ideas customers have been put forth; the number of ideas that have been acted on by the company; a running list of ways customer experiences can be improved; etc.

With their deep pockets, Starbucks could well afford to pay a market research firm millions of dollars to collect this data and present it in a sleek report. Then, they could hire an advertising agency to put together campaigns to implement these findings.

All of this could take months.

But, why should they do that when with the few clicks of a button, they could set up a couple of social media accounts and actively solicit advice from the very people who are buying their products on a daily basis?

There are many reasons to start a social media marketing campaign – no matter what type of company you have. But the main reason is, it’s where your customers are these days. Social media marketing is how they communicate – and it pays to know what they’re saying about your firm.

And, this is the real power of social media marketing. It truly is power of the people, by the people and for the people.

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Article Source: 2 Key Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Social Media Marketing Strategy


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