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In order to create a solid web presence, we utilise the following strategies in our Professional SEO Campaigns. Each component is specially tailored to suit your particular needs. As such we will work closely with your team to create the best possible SEO Campaign for your company to outrank your competition as soon as possible.



SEO Campaign Components

Website Enhancer











Website Promoter





Extreme Website Presence




Complete website analysis utilizing high tech specialised diagnostic tools

Website html clean-up - spider bots like clear html for faster indexing

Embed analytics software to monitor traffic

Perform routine website audit

Optimize site meta tags

Optimize alt text

Keyword Analysis & Implementation

Optimize page title, headings (H1, H2 etc)

Streamline website formatting

Guaranteed increase in your website’s Search Engine Indexing

Monthly Account Management

Edit existing site pages & re-write or re-format if necessary to optimise

5 Pages 10 Pages 15 Pages 20 Pages

Monthly Link Building

Site submission to major Search Engines and Directories

Routine Retrieval & Analysis of Competitor site Stats


Set-up inter & intra site linking


SEO Article Writing

- - 2+ p/mth 4+ p/mth

Create Account & Profile with top Article Directories

- -

Article Submission to approx. 200 of the top Article Directories

- -

Run each article through diagnostic software to ensure maximum optimization

- -

Online Company Press Releases

- -

Create official Company Blog

- - -

Maintain Company Blog

- - -
Ensure regular optimised content for Website & Blog - - -

Activate RSS feeds, so viewers can have all your posts instantly on their RSS reader.

- - -

Social Media Marketing & Networking – traffic generating, new contact generating, responding to requests, messages etc.

- - -

Maintain Social Networking Email Accounts

- - -

Syndicate Articles for Blog

- - -

Upload & share information through Social Media

- - -

Monthly Reporting


Additional PPC Campaigns are optional and are charged separately. 


Although SEO effects are not seen immediately, SEO Group focus on generating long-term sustainable website optimisation which is maximized with regular online activity. In order for your company to achieve maximum Search Engine Optimisation, we ask for a minimum 12 month commitment on all the above Professional SEO Campaigns.  


Guaranteed increase in your website’s Search Engine Indexing within 12 months, or we’ll keep working for you for FREE.

At SEO Group, we do not employ any Black hat strategies, these are techniques that are disapproved of by the search engines and could get your website banned from their searches and their spiderbots will no longer crawl your website. We only use tried and proven White hat methods (approved by search engines), to acheive your website's highest possible search engine ranking.

We are happy to work alongside your in-house IT team to achieve optimal results for your company.



Why a professional SEO Campaign for my website?

The 'bottom line' of any professional SEO campaign is aimed at achieving the best possible results for your website. Professional SEO Consultants at SEO Group utilise a wide array of strategies and tactics to boost your website ranking, all of which ethically follow search engine guidelines. There are no shortcuts to an effective expert SEO campaign, it takes time and is well worth it for your long term success.

Many people believe that using as many keywords as possible is going to produce results. In fact nothing could be further from the truth as this practice is frowned upon by most search engines and is often referred to as “keyword stuffing”. Keywords are not the only tactic utilised in effective Search Engine Optimization.

We tailor all professional SEO campaigns specifically to the individual client and their unique needs depending on what stage you are at with your website.

We utilize a wide range of SEO toolsIn order to create a high ranking internet presence for your business we utilise a wide range of industry specific SEO tools as well as specific and specialised knowledge in order to maximise the efficacy of your SEO Campaign.


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